P R O G R A M M E (June 8, 2012)

FRIDAY June 15
14.30 Registration
16.00 Opening
* Welcome by ILRS President Cecilia Dalman Eek
* Speech of Ann Linde, International Secretary of the Social Democratic Party in Sweden
* Panel discussion led by Cecilia Dalman Eek. Participants:
– Olle Kristenson (Christian Council of Sweden)
– Åke Göransson (Swedish Commission for Government Support to Faith Communities)
– Eva Christina Nilsson (Swedish Mission Council)
– Mattias Kristenson (Socialist Youth)
– Omar Mustafa (Islamic Association in Sweden)
– Ulrika Lång (Olof Palme International Center).
* Peter Weiderud: ‘Mobilising factors in our religions and how to appeal on them’ (key note speech)
18.00 Supper
19.00 “Why I am a religious socialist?”
Brief personal addresses of some participants from ILRS member organisations:
Cecilia Dalmann Eek, Johan van Workum (Netherlands), Anyes Segura (Spain), Dr Motshekga (South Africa).
21.00 Meeting each other (informal)
09.00 – 10.30 and 11.00 – 12.30:
Short (parallel) seminars about themes within the ILRS agenda.
* Tapio Lampinen: Secularism today and its opposite.
* Marta Axner: Is there a return of religion to the public sphere?
* Elvir Gigovic: Popular education (‘folkbildningen’) among Muslims in Sweden 2012
* Maria Hevzy: How can ILRS be politically relevant?
* Cecilia Dalman Eek: A changing identity in a changing time – what are we in the Swedish ILRS member organisation STS today?
* Dr Mathole Motshekga: Mobilizing the religious left – A South African perspective
12.30 Lunch
13.30 Moving to central Stockholm for two seminars at the Arbetarnas Bildningsförbund, the Workers’ Educational Association of Sweden, at the occasion of their centenary jubilee
14.30-15.45 “Mobilising the religious left and combating religious fundamentalism”
Cecilia Dalman Eek, Johan van Workum
Chair: Peter Weiderud
16.00-17.00 “The Arab Spring, democracy and the role of religion”
Omar Mustafa and Hela Aloulou
Chair: Maria Hevzy
17.15 Going back to Lidingö folk high school
19.00- 22 Dinner & Cultural Programme at Lidingö folk high school
From 20.00 to 22.00 the Swedish Muslim Peace Agents (see below) will introduce their work, including program in which we will be discussing values, religion and peace – and a dessert.
SUNDAY June 17
09.00 Sunday morning devotion.
09.45 Drawing conclusions and/or deciding on statement on the Congress theme “How can we mobilise the religious left?”
11.00 ILRS Representatives Assembly triennial meeting
1) Election of president of the session, secretary and two delegates to check the minutes,
a nominations committee of three, including a convenor
2) Membership matters and approval of delegates
3) Report of the Executive Committee
4) Report of the Treasurer, report of the auditors and approval of finances
5) Working priorities for the EC for the coming three years
6) Questions regarding the ILRS Constitution
7) Election of president, vice-president and other functionaries and
up to four other members of the Executive Committee, and up to four substitutes
8) Other questions.
13.00 Closing of the ILRS Stockholm Congress 2012
15.00 (voluntary, for who travels home later) Boat trip in the Stockholm Archipelago
(We will be back around 20.00 H. From the quay it is 15 minutes walking to the Central Station)
= . = . = . = . = . = . = . = . = . =
Cecilia Dalman Eek is president of the ILRS, vice president of Socialdemokrater för Tro och Solidaritet (Social Democrats for Faith and Solidarity, the Swedish affiliate of ILRS), Political Secretary of the Social Democratic Party of Västra Götaland (region of Göteborg) and Methodist.
Ann Linde is International Secretary of the Social Democratic Party in Sweden.
Peter Weiderud is president of Socialdemokrater för Tro och Solidaritet.
Tapio Lampinen is professor in Theology, pastor in the Finish Lutheran Church and member of the Executive Committee of ILRS.
Marta Axner is a doctoral student in Sociology of religion at Uppsala university, priest in the Lutheran Church of Sweden and member of the Executive Committee of ILRS.
Elvir Gigovic is deputy head master of the Muslim Educational Organisation in Sweden.
Maria Hevzy is working for the Norwegian Labour Party as political advisor, Secretary of Kristne Arbeidere (the Norwegian affiliate of ILRS) and vice president of ILRS.
Dr Mathole Motshekga is MP and Chief Whip of the ANC in the Parliament of South Africa and chair of the ANC Commission for Religious Affairs.
Johan van Workum is a journalist and Treasurer of the ILRS.
Omar Mustafa is president of the Islamic Association in Sweden.
Hela Aloulou is Executive Secretary of Ettakatol – Forum Démocratique pour le Travail et les Libertés, a Social Democratic movement active in the Arab Spring in Tunesia.
Ulf Carmesund is International Secretary of Socialdemokrater för Tro och Solidaritet (Religious Social Democrats in Sweden) and theologian (PhD).
The Muslim Peace Agents started as a cooperation between Muslims and the Christian Study Association ‘Sensus’ where the (Lutheran) Church of Sweden is leading. The Muslim Peace Agents also maintain a vivid cooperation with the Swedish Christian Peace Movement, which is part of the International Fellowship of Reconciliation.



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